Get 30 Days Worth Of Quality Video, Photo & Graphic Content.Customized For Your Business Or Brand And Made In 1 Day!

For anyone who's ever needed more content to showcase their business or brand online


What Is The10:30 Package?

The 10:30 package is a marketing & branding solution for businesses & people with personal brands. 

Whether you're a Real Estate Agent, Dentist, Coach, etc. The 10:30 package will help you post consistent content to your social media channels for 30 days. 

What makes the 10:30 package different is that it is customized to your brand. Every package begins with a session when we take time to understand your business goals, colors, logo & overall mission so that we can apply it to your content. 

The 10:30 Package includes: 

  • 10 Professional photos that 
  • 10 short-form videos 
  • 10 custom graphics

Having 10 of each gives you 30 days/one month worth of content, hence the name 10:30! 

What makes this even more effective is that everything is customized to your style. Your brand, colors & personal choices are all taken into consderation when creating your content. 

It's like finally having the content team you've always dreamed of!

How It Works

The way the 10:30 package works is simple...

The Customization Kickoff 

The first step is making sure we take your creative preferences into consideration. 

The customization kickoff is meant to get to know your brand, business goals, music preferences, color preferences & more. 

This ensures that your content will be uniquely suited to you. 

Shoot Day

It's shoot day! 

After agreeing on a day that works, our team comes to you to capture what will become your awesome month of content.

Your Content Is Here! 

It's like magic. 

One week later, you receive all of your content that you can use at your convenience. 

Our team can also handle posting for a small fee.

Photos by Kathleen Marques

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Videos by 'rouk

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Farouk A.

My name is Farouk but most people call me 'rouk for short (rhmes with Luke). I am a marketing strategist & videographer who combines both skills to bring big results to businesses!

After 6 years of working at advertising agencies in NYC on brands like Rolex, Nationwide Insurance & IBM, I decided to branch out to help people and businesses reach their goals through video marketing. 

After helping many people I decided to create a package that would make the whole process more convenient, hence the 10:30. 

To create this package I partnered with highly talented photographers & designers, so you can rest assure that your work is top quality! 

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